Our service menu has changed.  Team Cutting Loose has worked hard to put together a new structure for services we offer & the time needed for different appointments. 


ALL services are GENDER NEUTRAL & based on such factors as LENGTH of hair, TIME required for the appointment, & professional PRODUCTS needed.  Taking this all into consideration, we have adjusted some prices for the services we offer to our clients.  We have removed the idea of gender in our services & our pricing to create a gender neutral safe space for our diverse clientele.


Because we have many stylists with different levels of experience, you have choices.  We are here to help you match to a stylist that fits your personality & your budget.  Our goal has always been to offer educated, current hair services with professionalism & safety in our salon.  We appreciate everyone's support now & always.


Thank You 

Team Cutting Loose


Eight years ago we made the decision to join in a recycling partnership with Green Circle Salons.  This company processes & recycles salon waste that normally would end up in a landfill. Since becoming a Green Circle Salon we have diverted all of our metals, plastics, paper, leftover color liquids and hair, keeping many pounds out of the garbage. Check out all our recycle bins at the salon at your next appointment.


In 2021, our salon alone diverted 1944 lbs of waste from our landfill spaces and water streams.