MAY 1, 2022.........

Effective May 1, 2022, masks will be optional in the salon for the guests and the team.  We encourage you to continue to wear your mask if that is your preference.  Our team will also happily wear a mask for your appointment if you prefer & request it.  We want everyone to feel comfortable in the salon so please let us know when you arrive.  Thank You for your patience as we navigate the challenges of this pandemic journey with our clients & team.  




March 6, 2022..............


As our province makes changes to mandates & lifting of restrictions, we want you to be aware of changes we are making in the salon to our own protocols.  These decisions did not come easily.  We want to do whatever it takes to keep our clients, our team & our families safe.  We take your trust in us very seriously.


Both doors will remain open and we will be operating at 100% capacity.


We will no longer be scanning vaccination cards.


Please reschedule your appointment if you are sick.  We cannot allow you in the salon with any cough, or cold/flu symptoms.


We will require you to use hand sanitizer upon entrance to the salon.


Everyone will remain safely distanced wherever you sit in the salon.


Masks will be mandatory in the salon

for all team members & every client until further notice. We have made masks mandatory at this time due to the close nature of our work. 


We will now be allowing beverages & serving coffee/tea in the salon. Masks must still remain on & only pulled up & down to drink.


Our strict cleaning and disinfecting practices will continue between each client.  


November 6,  2021..............


Hair Salons are now able to work at 100% capacity with restrictions lifted effective Saturday.  We are excited to be back at full capacity & working with our whole team at one time. 


Due to the large space of our salon, we are able to keep everyone spaced apart 2 metres, & socially distanced from each other.  We have chosen to make wearing a mask in the salon mandatory for both clients and stylists until further notice. 


Unfortunately, we are not serving beverages in the salon quite yet.  Our door will remain locked to help control the flow of clients in and out of the salon at one time.  Upon entry to the salon you will be asked to show your vaccination QR code to be verified.  If you do not have it available, we require you to answer a short health tool questionnaire by our Front Desk Team & have your temperature taken.  We require everyone to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer once you enter the salon.


We ask that if you are not feeling well, or you are suffering from ANY ill symptoms, please call to reschedule your appointment.


Thank You for your support, cooperation & for respecting our decisions.

Thursday, July 15, 2021...........................

With yesterday's Provincial Health Restrictions Press Conference, some restrictions were lifted. The only change for personal services (Hair Salons) was that we are now allowed to accept Walk In Appointments.  The majority of our services are booked appointments so nothing much changes for us at Cutting Loose Hair Design.  Capacity restrictions are still limited to 50%.  Due to the fact that more and more clients are coming in double vaccinated, we have some changes coming next week to the health questions we ask when you enter the salon.  We will keep you updated on those changes. We continue to be open longer hours and 7 days a week with selected stylists until we get caught up with the appointments from our closure time. If you have NOT heard from us yet, please call the salon 204-255-1053 to book a spot.  Summer is very, very busy at the salon.

Wed, May 23, 2021...............



Today, the provincial government announces a re-opening date for personal services.  We anticipate it will be Saturday June 26 with restricted capacity of 25% but that date has NOT BEEN CONFIRMED YET!


We are ready! 


However, we have a LOT of phone calls to make so the phone lines will not be open for booking new appointments. We need you to be patient.


Every​one that had a missed appointment due to the closure needs to be contacted first to be rescheduled. This means over 2000 phone calls we need to make to reschedule 7 weeks of clients. THIS TAKES TIME.  


If you have an appointment already booked for end of June or July, we will also be calling you to confirm.


If you didn’t have a previously booked appointment please contact your stylist or text Tam (204) 997-1340 to be put on the wait list. 


Everyone will be called in that order.


Also........please remember that we get no advance notice of what the announcement will be!  We hear the news the same way, at the same time you do. We are ready and organized but it still takes a lot of juggling schedules and time to make this all happen quickly so thank you for allowing us that time. 


We are hoping for good news but are prepared for whatever may be announced.


Thanks for reading this long reminder. Miss you all. ❤️

May 20, 2021
We just wanted to say a big to you all.......
The past 7 weeks Cutting Loose has been closed for services, you have supported us in so many ways. Thank You for the retail purchases, & the color kit orders. We appreciate every bit of business we could do during these challenging times.
We loved hearing from you all. Your messages & words of encouragement have helped our team stay positive.
Thank You for being the reason we love our jobs, our salon & our industry.
Now.......we hope to open our doors again to you this weekend. Stay tuned for future re-opening announcements on
Wed, June 23, 2021

May 27, 2021


The Manitoba Government announced today that the current health order and it's restricitons will be now extended until June 26, 2021.  We will remain closed for personal hair services but open for curbside pickups of Retail Products & Color Kits.  Please text 204-997-1340 for more information, or message us through our social media channels.

May 9, 2021.........

We are currently in our third lockdown.  All personal services businesses have been mandated by the Provincial Government to pause business for a minimum of three weeks, until May 30, 2021.  We will wait to hear of a confirmed restart date before we start taking any new appointments or rescheduling those that got bumped out. Follow us on our social media accounts for daily updates.  

Thank You for your patience in this matter.  

March 6, 2021...........


We are slowly getting to the end of our list of appointments that were bumped during our 10 week closure.  We should be completely caught up by March 15, 2021. Today the Provincial Government announced that personal services businesses such as hair salons will now be allowed to operate at 50% capacity instead of the current 25%.  This means more of our staff team will be allowed to work at one time since our salon is safely spaced apart by 6 feet.  We will start this new schedule of 50% capacity on April 6, 2021.  We are now able to accept any appointment and begin working on our regular scheduled days .  Starting April 6 the salon will return to regular hours and  will be closed Sunday & Monday.

March 1, 2021.......


For the past 6 weeks, we have extended our hours & days of operation in order to accomodate our large clientele.  We are only allowed to currently work at 25% capacity in the salon so this greatly affects our ability to schedule our stylists into their regular work hours.  Thank You for your patience as we succesfully manouvere through these restrictions and were able to get everyone in for an appointment.  We feel confident that we are caught up & can now take appointments for anyone needing a service.  Please feel free to contact the salon 204-255-1053 to book your hair appointment.  Our front desk team will be happy to assist you. We are still under the 25% capacity restrictions until the current Health Order expires on March 5, 2021.  At that point we eagerly await the provincial government announcement of future rules & regulations.

January 21, 2021.......

January 8, 2021........... The Provincial Government has extended the current health order and it's restrictions until January 22/2021.  This means the salon will remain closed  for hair services until that date.  We will still continue our curbside pickups of all retail at 20% OFF & Color Retouch Kits are available by request.  Please follow here and on all Social Media for daily updates.   

January 4, 2021.............


Will we get the go ahead this week to open up?

We are hopeful for an announcement from the government Wednesday or Thursday, but so far no news yet.

Here’s what we know:

If you had an appointment booked in November/ December/January that was cancelled, we will be contacting you to reschedule AS SOON AS WE HAVE A DEFINITE RETURN DATE.
We will have a LOT of calls to make, so please be patient as we reach out to you in the same order you were originally booked. We will need to manage our call volume level & try to reach everyone that was bumped out from the past 8 weeks first. Please know that we will be calling YOU. We ask at this time that you DO NOT CALL the salon.
Please be patient when we say we need time to accommodate those that got bumped out due to our closure. If you did not have an appointment booked In November, December, January & want to get on our wait list please text your name, hair service required & your stylist’s name to either your stylist or to Tam’s
cell 204-997-1340. As soon as we get the phone calls made, we can address the wait list.


We will be transitioning stylists back to work based on our allowed capacity restrictions & their own schedules. Because of previous guidelines & restrictions we have had to make a lot of changes to our work schedules for the whole team. We have not been allowed to work at full capacity since last March. Don’t worry, EVERYONE WILL GET A SPOT, we are extending our hours and our work week to make it all happen.
Stay tuned for re-open news.


DECEMBER 8, 2020.......


It is of no surprise, the Manitoba Government's announcement today to extend the Code Red Public Health Orders. Our mandated closure has been extended beyond December 8, 2020 to January 8, 2021.


As per this mandate, we are unable to reopen for hair services in the salon until January 8, 2021. We will still be allowed to be open for curbside pickup for all purchases of RETAIL & COLOR KITS. We appreciate the support we have had from you on our designated pick up dates. Watch our Website & Social Media Accounts for all future pick up dates.


If you had an appointment booked with us in the time we must be closed, there is no need to call to cancel. We will be contacting you to reschedule. We have a lot of phone calls to make because this is/was our busy season & we were fully booked with your appointments.


On our social media, we have posted "HOW TO VIDEOS" to help you at home with bang trims & trimming your hair, hopefully helping you through this 8-week closure.


We are also offering "TAKE HOME COLOR KITS" for you to purchase for $45. Please contact us to see if you are a candidate for a kit. They come with everything you will need to touch up your roots at home, including tools, video, gloves, & your personalized formula. There will be no color correction necessary when you eventually get back to the salon in January if you choose these kits, rather than drugstore unknowns.


We wish we could help you in person, but for now we are only able to do it from a safe distance. We are in the process of setting up an online store connected to our website. The online store is a work in progress, but you can see all the items we carry.


Please follow us for updates on our website:




We also update our Social Media outlets daily:


Instagram Cuttingloosehairdesign


Facebook Cutting Loose Hair Design


For contact during our closure please reach out to us on our email Direct message us on our Social Media Accounts or text Tam's cell at 204-997-1340, or contact your stylist.


Thank You again for your patience & support during these challenging times. We hope everyone is healthy & please reach out to us for any questions or if you just need to chat. We are here to help.




Team Cutting Loose Hair Design


Dec 1st is GIVING TUESDAY.  Cutting Loose Hair Design is making a $1000 donation to 3 charities in lieu of the budget we normally spend on the gift bags that each person receives at our Client Appreciiation Open House.  Because of Covid rules we were unable to host our event so hopefully this turns into something good for others.  See our post on our Social media pages and we encourage you to donate today to a charity that you love.  Text us or tag us and tell us what charity you donated to and we will enter your name into a draw for a gift basket.

If we have had to cancel your color appointment due to our mandated closure, this might be a temporary help right now.  Please message us your color kit request, we will consult with your stylist & see if a color kit will work for you.  

November 12, 2020..........


Second time around...........

Effective Thursday November 12th, all personal services businesses such as our salon are closed by the Provincial Government mandate. The government is estimating a 4 week closure, but we will be in contact with you the minute we know when we can reopen.  If you have an upcoming appointment, we will call you to cancel.  Once we know a reopen date,  we will try to reschedule you in the order you all originally had been booked. 


We will also be offering curbside pickup for any retail products & color kits.  Contact us with your orders by text to Tammie 204-997-1340, email, DM us on social media, or contacting your stylist. 



Facebook: cuttingloosehairdesign


IG: cuttingloosehairdesign


text: 204-997-1340  (Tammie)


Check back often as we will update this site regularily.


Thank You to all for your continued support.  We couldn't get through this without your help & support. 

October 25, 2020............


Conditions and restrictions put in place by our government for salons & spas have not changed since our initial re-opening in May.  We were hopeful for changes as Manitoba entered Phase 4, but as we have all witnessed the cases have been increasing alarmingly & we are in a holding pattern of no change to our business with the Code Orange. 


So how does this affect us at Cutting Loose Hair Design?


We must still limit the occupancy of clients in the salon to 50% our normal capacity.  This means not all of our staff team can be working at the same time, and we are limited to one client at a time.  We must continue to implement measures to ensure everyone maintains a 2 metre distance between each other in all of the salon space.  If workstations cannot be a safe 2 metres apart, they may be separated by a non -permeable physical barrier.   All of our cutting stations comply with that rule.  The only area we changed  is the instalation of barriers between our sink area, so we are able to use 4 sinks.  

Please review our safety protocols as there’s a couple changes & new additions.


  • The waiting room is still closed & we require you to wait outside or in your vehicle. Our door will remain locked.  All clients must come alone to their appointment.


  • Masks are still required by all clients & stylists at all times inside the salon.


  • We are unable to serve any beverages or snacks until further notice.  Clients & Staff team are not allowed to bring in any food or drink either. (Can’t drink with a mask on)


  • We are now allowing small purses & 1 personal item in the salon, such as a book, iPad, e-reader.  No backpacks, large bags, laptops etc. Please be mindful of the size of bag you are bringing in.


  • Clients & staff team entering the salon must answer the Health Questionnaire required by the Provincial Government & get their temperature taken before proceeding into the salon.


  • We continue to remind you all, that if you are feeling ill or have flown or travelled outside of the Provincial guidelines, we ask you to please stay home & reschedule your hair appointment to a later date. 
  • Both client, and stylists must wash their hands upon entering the salon.


  • We are currently not accepting cash or cheques.  Debit, Mastercard or Visa only.


  • Previously, inside the salon, clients were asked to stay seated.  We are now allowing movement in the salon as long as the 2 metre physical distancing is maintained.  You are now allowed to browse our retail areas but please be mindful of unneccesary handling of products.  Don't hesitate to ask for assistance.  


  • We continue to practice cleaning & proper disinfecting of all tools, equipment, & stations with a hospital grade instant contact disinfectant.  All towels, capes, smocks are used only once and then properly cleaned.
  • All of our dirty laundry bins remained covered with lids, & all clean laundry is boxed and closed to open air.


  • We have added non permeable physical barriers between the sink areas in order to allow usage of all 4 sinks.


  • We have rearranged our front entrance to utilize a second entry/exit door.  We will direct you as to what door to enter or exit the salon.  Hopefully, this eliminates some of our traffic congestion as we navigate through winter jackets & boot removal.



  • As we get closer to flu & respiratory season, we have protocols in place for our staff team and for our clients should someone fall ill with a regular cold or flu. We are taking your and our health concerns very seriously.


  • We have individual garment bags ready for each client's winter jacket to keep your clothing safely separated.  They are laundered after each use, & the hangars are disinfected. 


  • Sandals & slippers are available for each client or feel free to bring your own indoor shoes. In order to keep our floors clean, we ask that all outdoor footwear be removed on the front mat. All sandals/slippers are disinfected between each client.  


  • We have officially cancelled our annual Open House Client Appreciation Night.  Please stay tuned to our website, Facebook & Instagram accounts for promotions we will be having in lieu of our parties.


  • We are currently booking appointments through into 2021 based on our existing 50% limited schedules.  Please be sure to book ahead to guarantee a spot because we cannot accommodate everyone the way we normally do because of these restrictions.  If your stylist's schedule is full, please leave a message with our front desk & we will suggest another stylist in the salon who can help you for that one time.


Thank you again, from all of us at Cutting Loose Hair Design for your understanding & cooperation during these challenging times.  We are so happy to be allowed to be open for business and we are making every effort to accommodate each of you in a safe environment.  We appreciate that you choose us for your hair care needs & we value your business & friendship.  Please stay healthy and well.

May 8, 2020.........








We understand everyone’s health concerns so we have made necessary changes in preparing our business for you.  The safety of our team and our clients is essential to us. Please respect our limitations and don’t ask us to break any rules.


  • The Front Door of the salon will remain locked at all times.


  • We ask that you wait in your car until our front desk team texts or waves at you to enter. We must do this to ensure our proper social distancing & government regulated number of people in the salon at one time.



  • We ask that you arrive alone for this same reason.  We ask that no one accompany you to your appointment.  If you need assistance they may help & then will be asked to wait in the car. Do not bring children along for your appointment.  If the child is the client, we ask that you wait in the car during their appointment time.


  • Appointment times are all staggered to allow for proper social distancing & time for proper disinfecting so please be on time.  We will not be able to accommodate late arrivals. We will do our best to stay on time for you as well but please be aware our schedules are extremely limited and booked to the maximum capacity.  The extra cleaning & disinfecting we are doing before and after each client takes more time.


  • The waiting area will not be available to you for any long periods of time.
  •  Jackets, purses, books, Ipads are now allowed.  We ask that you limit your personal items coming into the salon


  • Prior to entry to the salon, we ask that you bring your own mask.  NO ONE IS ALLOWED IN THE SALON WITHOUT A MASK. (Be aware that certain hair services might leave your mask damp, or stained.  We are not liable for any stains or damage that occurs during that appointment time)


  • Upon entry to the salon you will be asked to answer the government mandatory self-assessment health tool questionnaire by our Front Desk Team.


  • Your temperature will be taken. You will be asked to leave if your temperature is above 99*F or 37*C


  • We ask that if you are feeling any of the following symptoms to please not enter and reschedule your appointment: fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose.


  • All clients will be required to wash their hands upon entering the salon, regardless if they have just used hand sanitizer in the car.  This is NON NEGOTIABLE.


  • Your stylist will greet you at the front area after she and you have washed your hands.  She will be masked and take you to the disinfected sink area or station. 


  • During your appointment time we ask that if you move from the area your stylist places you, please maintain the 2 metre social distancing rules.   You are allowed to browse any of the retail products or shelves but always ask for assistance.  Bathrooms are available but please let us know you are leaving your area to use them.


  • Unfortunately, we have had to remove all magazines, coffee & food service, & chocolate treats.


  •  You are allowed to be on your silenced phone during this time, but no other electronics are allowed in the salon.


  • Hugs and handshakes are discouraged at this time.


  • Your stylist will walk you to the front desk after your service and the Front Desk team will take over at that point.


  • We are not accepting cash or cheque at this time.  We accept Debit, MasterCard or Visa only.


  • All transactions will be done through touch-less payment on our disinfected point of sale machine.  We will enter the total and set a fresh piece of press n seal saran over the machine for you to insert your card and enter your numbers.  Upon completion, we ask that you rip your receipt off and take the press n seal saran strip with you.  We have a covered garbage can by the exit for you to dispose of it after leaving.



Our salon has always prided itself in our cleanliness & disinfecting practices.  A lot of these protocols are not new to us, but we want you to be aware of what we have always taken care of and some of the new additions.  Here’s what we are doing to ensure your health & safety in our salon:



  • The entire team has been certified in GHS/WHMIS training.


  • Our Health & Safety Policies are current & all our SDS sheets are updated & available.


  • We always have and will continue to use EPA registered disinfectant, bactericidal, virucidal & fungicidal sprays.



  • The salon is equipped with a fresh air intake & exhaust system to remove smells & keep good air quality.
  • Our team’s health will be individually assessed daily & they will be sent home if they are ill.


  • Their temperatures will be taken daily.



  • They will be masked during our entire workday.


  • All touchable surfaces will be disinfected before and after each client.



  • All capes, towels and tools will be fresh & clean for each client & kept in a covered bin.


  • All soiled towels will be kept in bins with lids for containment.


  • All tools, products and anything that will be touching you are single use and then disinfected for your safety.


  • We have removed any non-essential items from the business such as magazines, chocolates, and glassware.



  • Team members will be practicing social distancing amongst us and there will be no sitting together in our team room.


  • Appropriate disinfecting of all front desk & equipment, including point of contact payment machine.  We have eliminated cash or cheque payment.



  • Appropriate use of PPE to be used when requested or necessary.




Feel free to ask any of us at any time about what we are doing to ensure your safety.



 April 30, 2020.......


Yesterday's announcement from the provincial government allows the reopening of non essential services on May 4.  Because there are a lot of new restrictions in place going forward, we have made some changes in the salon and we now have to adjust all our work schedules to allow for the limited amount of people we can have in a salon this size at one time.  We are working as a team to finalize all these details now.  Please be patient with us as we try to sort through what this will all look like going forward.  If you were bumped out of an appointment by our temorary closure, you are on a list where WE WILL CALL YOU TO RESCHEDULE ASAP.  We are currently not booking any new appointments until we know we are safely ready to do business under the new protocols and guidlines provided by the government.  You can expect a phone call from us (if you already had an appointment that was bumped) on Thursday, or Friday this week.  Please DO NOT call the salon as we are inundated with phone calls and messages right now, and we are trying to fit everyone back in.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.  We are trying to ensure the safety of all of our clients and team going forward.  Please follow our posts on social media and here for further updates.




Facebook: cuttingloosehairdesign


IG: cuttingloosehairdesign



 April 24, 2020.......


Based on the province of Manitoba announcement today we will be extending our temporary pause of business until May 18th.  We will be contacting anyone that has an appointment booked between April 28th to May 18th. We are optimistic that after the May long weekend we will be allowed to re-open under very strict social distancing conditions.  All clients that have had an appointment rescheduled due to our closure will be notified and contacted as soon as we have an official re-open date.  We are currently NOT booking any appointments until we know further details of what our time & restrictions in the salon will be as per the provincial government guidlines. 



During this time the salon phone & email will only be checked periodically.  We can be reached for any inquiries or product sales for curbside pick up.  


To reach us going forward please:




Facebook: cuttingloosehairdesign


IG: cuttingloosehairdesign




As Team Cutting Loose continues to #flattenthecurve by staying at home for now, we recognize the needs of some of our clients.


Under these special circumstances, we are introducing a one time only REGROWTH TOUCH UP KIT.


What comes in your kit:


⭐️personally formulated color formula (not like a box dye which is one color only)



⭐️bowl & brush (returnable)

⭐️professional shampoo & conditioner

⭐️specific, clear instructions with video & disclaimer.


Kit will contain enough formula to touch up on the new growth area at the roots along the hairline & your part line.

Price will be $45 for each REGROWTH TOUCH UP KIT. 

How can you order:

⭐️Contact your stylist via text, Facebook message, or Instagram DM. If you don’t have their text # please text Tammie 204-997-1340 & she will contact your stylist for you.

⭐️Leave your first & last name & indicate you need a kit.


Not everyone will be a candidate for this kit. Your stylist will determine if your current color will be suitable for this. ( There will be no lightener, or blonding available) Only regrowth that is close to your existing color.

Not all stylists will be offering this kit.

When & where is pick up:  Pickup times will be either at the salon (no touch, it’s all set up) or your stylist might be able to hand deliver. We will let you know when you place your order.


⭐️Time is sensitive. You will need to apply the formula within 30 mins of receiving it for it to correctly work.


In no way is this replacing our face to face color appointments we want & will need to have in the future with our valued clients but it provides a quick fix and “pick me up” for you our clients. @cuttingloosehairdesign #cuttingloosehairdesign #flattenthecurve #stayathome #doingourpart

image with text >>

March 30, 2020.......

The provincial government announced today that all non- critical services must close April 1-14 in Manitoba to limit the spread of COVID 19  This includes all hair salons including those operating out of their homes.  These measures are yet another step to limit the transmission of this virus and to flatten the curve.  Cutting Loose Hair Design will remain closed as we originally planned until April 14th and a re-open date will be considered as we navigate forward. We are allowed to continue with our contactless pick up of hair product & kits for home use on designated dates & times with only one staff member at hand & social distancing practices in place.  



March 22, 2020.......


The provincial government placed our province in a State of Emergency this past Friday which means Cutting Loose Hair Design is temporarily closed until further notice.


We are still unsure of the details & the actual amount of days we need to stay closed as the developments change daily. For our clients that have appointments booked in April, WE WILL BE CALLING YOU.  Please don’t call the salon as we are trying to manage our call volume level & reach everyone quickly. At this time we are unable to reschedule your appointments as we don’t have an exact return date. Don’t worry, you will be rescheduled in the order you all originally had.


Please follow our social media & website for updates. If you need hair products, please text my cell 204-997-1340 or email & we will make arrangements for pick up or delivery.


Thank you to everyone who supports small business. This is a very hard decision to make as if affects the livelihood of all my team. I want to thank Team Cutting Loose for their faith, endurance & support. You worked your butts off this past week & accepted this closure with grace & dignity, even through the tears. Thank you & stay tuned.


During this time the salon phone & email will only be checked periodically.  To reach us going forward please:




Facebook: cuttingloosehairdesign


IG: cuttingloosehairdesign


text: 204-997-1340



March 16, 2020......
Here’s our most current update & I’m sure there will be many more as this week progresses. As a small business owner, I try to look at all decisions I make from the viewpoint of those that will be team, their families, my clients, & finally me. I recognize that my decision to keep Cutting Loose Hair Design open until we are mandated to close might not be popular with everyone reading this.
Everyone on our team was given the personal option to choose whether they wanted to work or not. Everyone but Davolyn ( who has some personal health restrictions) will be working their regular days in the salon. You see, if we don’t have clients in our chair, we don’t get paid. Period! All of my team needs to work & get a pay check from me (if they are an employee or get paid by the clients if they are a chair renter). Collecting EI as a hairstylist is not that easy, just ask a hairstylist who has tried to collect.
So with a lot of thought and energy spent this weekend on what is the best thing for us to do.......we are open for business until the powers in charge say we can’t work. We respectfully ask if you need to reschedule, please let us know and we’ll be happy to do so. If you’ve been out of the country, your haircut can wait 14 days can’t it?
We have spent all day today, cleaning and disinfecting the whole salon like we’ve never done before. We will continue our current COVID 19 Sanitation Policy to keep our guests and the team all healthy.
Thank you for your continued support and everybody please wash your hands.


March 15, 2020.......


Let’s stop and talk about this.


Cleanliness, disinfection & sanitation has always been a daily routine at Cutting Loose. As per our Cutting Loose Hair Design Health & Safety Policy implemented in 2018, we use commercial grade cleaners, disinfectants & sanitizers & we have plenty on hand.
We wash our hands before & after every client & will continue this regime as we navigate through this COVID19 outbreak.
We disinfect all working & commonly touched surfaces ( sinks, hoses, chairs, counters, food counters) before and after every client.
All of our tools are immediately cleaned with a viracide after each use and this practice will continue in our salon.
Going forward we will now be disinfecting door handles, client seating, coffee stations, credit card machines, toilet handles, light switches, after every use.
All Cutting & color capes will only be used once and then laundered.
Hand sanitizer is available amongst the stations in the salon.
We try to provide a safe & healthy workspace for you our guest & for Team Cutting Loose. Cleanliness has always been of utmost importance and I think that you can see that when you visit our salon. We will do our best to manage our time and the extra cleaning we have now added between clients.
Team Cutting Loose is trying hard to remain positive as we navigate through the financial uncertainty that this has created amongst us all. . We understand the media focus is heavy on this topic but we welcome any other happy topics to discuss during your appointment time.
Now go wash your hands!