Starting Nov16, 2020 all retail products in the salon will be available for curbside pick up at 20% OFF.  We appreciate your support during our mandated services shutdown time.

  Five years ago we made the decision to join in a recycling partnership with Green Circle Salons.  This company processes & recycles salon waste that normally would end up in a landfill. Since becoming a Green Circle Salon we have diverted all of our metals, plastics, paper, leftover color liquids and hair, keeping many pounds out of the garbage. Check out all our recycle bins at the salon at your next appointment.


In 2019, our salon alone diverted 1360lbs of waste from our landfill spaces and water streams.


Blonda Fix

We all love our Unite Blonda at the hair salon and choose this line for our blonde clients! Blonda Fix is a new 10 minute treatment that tones and brightens as well as strengthen and repairs tired blonde hair. It totally eliminates brassy yellows from blonde or grey hair. This product will leave your overworked blonde locks looking healthier, blonder and feeling much stronger!


Dream Coat

Dream Coat is an anti humidity treatment spray that will leave your hair feeling shiny and sleek. Perfect for those sleek blowouts that will last up to three days. This new product from Color Wow saturates the hair to protect from unwanted frizz without weighing it down. Great for any hair type.



Curl Perfectionist

This new curl defining cream from Milkshake is a favourite among the stylists and clients of the salon. A styling product that will tame and define your curls leaving your hair feeling soft and moveable all while enhancing the natural shape of your hair. Won’t leave your curls crunchy or hard, but maintains frizz free curl softness.